Thrive Market Review

In today’s world, time is a finite commodity of which there is never enough. This is where Thrive Market can be of great help. The average American family of two working adults and two children takes a lot of time to manage. Beyond late nights at work, extracurricular events for the kids, and other outside […]

Herbal Teas That Taste Great With Honey

If you are a tea drinker, you may be wondering what herbal teas you can easily add honey too without making them too sweet. Though there are the traditional black teas, there are other teas that taste great with honey. Here are a few of those herbal teas and how you can easily make them yourself […]

Benefits of Drinking Honey Water

Honey Water Benefits There are many benefits of drinking honey water that you may know very little to nothing about. The truth is honey water is easy to make, easy to mix, and offers a number of benefits especially for those people on a weight loss journey. If you are thinking of using honey water, or […]

Wifi Health Risks

Despite wifi health risks, most people prefer it to the cumbersome wires that come with Internet connectivity. But have you ever wondered why your cell phone gets hot when you use it? It’s because the cell phone is emitting microwaves which cause it to become hot. These days if you question the safety of wireless […]

What Is the Science Behind the Paleo Diet?

People tend to question the paleo diet without investigating its claims and rationale first, so here we do a simple explanation of the science behind the paleo diet for those curious about it. The first thing one must understand is that the diet is premised on an evolutionary concept of medicine. According to proponents of […]

No-Dairy Calcium Sources in the Paleo Diet

A common concern with the paleo diet is that it could lead to harsh decreases in calcium for the body due to the elimination of the traditional sources of calcium: grain and dairy products. However, the truth is that a bit of smart dietary management takes away the worries quite easily. There are still other […]