Bentonite Clay Detox Bath for Random Aches and Pains

A bentonite clay detox bath is renowned for soothing the random aches and pains that come from living in the modern world. Symptoms like headaches, stomach upset, and inflammation are often the result of modern lifestyles, but a bit of old-fashioned TLC can put things right. If you’ve ever not felt 100 percent, but weren’t actually sick, a detox bath soak may be the thing that gets you back on your feet.

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Mud Bath Benefits

Have you ever visited a spa? There are certain locations in the world where the mud is so renowned for its healing properties that people will come from the opposite side of the planet to soak it up.

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So, what is a mud bath? We are not talking about “hogs rolling in the dirt” kind of mud here. Often, the ‘mud’ is actually clay that works wonders not only for stress relief but also as a health treatment.

Clay pulls toxins from the body so you’ll see it being used in many preparations—facial masks, soaps, and toothpaste are some of the most common uses but there are many more.

One of the most popular places to find a mud bath treatment is in California – Calistoga to be exact. The mud used there is a mix of volcanic ash and natural mineral spring water. The area is teeming with deposits of volcanic ash as well as hot springs.

On the down side, the mineral water has lots of sulfur in it and that smells like rotten eggs.

Scientific studies have shown that clay even has antibacterial properties. The mud treatment will help clear clogged pores. Toxins are removed from the body as well. Those who suffer from pain in their muscles and joints have found relief through mud baths.

If you ever go for a mud bath, here is what will likely happen. The pool is in the floor and built for one at a time. Someone will help you lower yourself into the super-warm concoction. The mud is heated to about 100 degrees. It may feel funny at first until you get settled in.

You are immersed up to your neck. Don’t worry about heading for the bottom. The peat helps give you a feeling of being suspended in the mud instead of sinking in quicksand. You will sweat a lot from the temperature of the mud but that is one way to remove toxins.

When your soothing experience is done, you are given cool clothes to help your body’s temperature come down naturally. You will also drink cool water to replenish the fluids lost.

The mud bath is not for everyone, though. If you are pregnant or even claustrophobic, the experience may not be for you.

Detox Bath Ingredients

If a trip to Calistoga isn’t in the budget, you can replicate its benefits with a homemade detox bath for very little money.Bentonite Clay Powder

You probably know that the skin is the largest organ of the body, so its appearance is considered a reflection of what’s happening inside.

Not only will bentonite clay pull toxins, but it also stimulates circulation, cell renewal, and lymphatic drainage. You can also expect relief from sores muscles and body aches as well as a good night’s sleep.

Make sure your clay is cosmetic grade formulated for use in personal care products. I suggest Living Clay because you can take it internally as well.

To prepare the bath, just sprinkle a cup of bentonite clay into the tub as the water is running. Make sure it dissolves completely. If you prefer, you can mix the clay with water in a blender ahead of time.

A typical soak will last 15-20 minutes. Make sure to submerge as much of yourself as possible during the bath and stir the water to keep the clay from settling. Drink water before and after the bath to avoid dehydration.

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