Herbs for Heart Health

Why Use Herbals Specifically for Heart Health?

Long before there were any other means to take care of the heart, herbals were used and in ancient times, there wasn’t nearly the prevalence of heart related diseases that are now commonly found.

Herbs for Heart Health

When you use herbals, you not only use a gentler means of taking care of your heart, but you can help maintain the health that your heart currently has right now. And if you’re already experiencing some problems, it doesn’t mean that it’s too late for you to use herbals.

In fact, choosing herbals over or along with prescription drugs (with your doctor’s approval, of course) can often give your heart far more benefits as well as benefiting other areas of your body.

When you select an herbal to use for your heart health, you’ll want to use one that offers you the maximum body benefit but that’s tailored to any heart issues you might have. For example, some herbals help with the heart’s circulation.

Which Herbals to Take

Many prescribed blood pressure medications are diuretic and these can not only cause dehydration, but they can also cause the body to lose both potassium and magnesium. This is bad news for your heart because your heart has to have both in the right levels.

It can be a catch-22 situation. You need something to keep your heart healthy, not something that will hurt your body. Some conditions with the heart can cause uncomfortable symptoms.

One of these conditions is tachycardia. This makes the heart beat faster than it should and can cause you to feel light headed and out of breath. Untreated, it makes the heart work a lot harder than it should because it’s beating at a faster rate and when your heart beats faster for long periods of time, it puts strain on the heart.

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To treat a tachycardia, you would want to take the herbal motherswort. Having high blood pressure is very damaging to the heart and can lead to heart attacks. When the blood pressure is brought within normal range, this takes the pressure off the heart and it doesn’t have to work so hard do to its job.

It’s always best (with doctor’s approval) to use natural means that don’t give you those terrible side effects that can cause problems for your other organs. Some of the herbals that can lower the blood pressure naturally are rosemary, thyme, oregano and hibiscus.

Another thing that you have to watch out for when it comes to heart health is cholesterol. When your cholesterol levels are too high, this increases your risk of heart disease and heart attacks.

To get your cholesterol numbers down, you’ll want to use herbals like garlic, basil, and aronia berries, which are also known as chokeberries, because these help fight cancer. Sage is also helpful to use to lower the bad cholesterol.

One heart-related issue that a lot of people experience is angina. Angina is chest pain that’s caused by the heart not getting enough oxygen. This is usually because there’s the presence of coronary artery disease.

When you experience angina, it can feel like you’re having a heart attack. You might feel pain in the center of the chest, across your shoulders and down your arms. This is your heart letting you know that it needs help.

An angina attack can also feel like you’re experiencing a bout of indigestion. Though there are a variety of coronary artery diseases, herbals can still help. Hawthorn berry is one.

Peppermint is another. Motherwort can also be taken but since this one is very bitter, some people mix it with a little peppermint in a tea to help it go down easier. Parsley, that little green leafy herb that you’ll see as garnishment in food dishes, is also great for helping treat angina.

If you wanted to pick an herbal just to help with overall heart function and you weren’t experiencing any heart related problems, you would want to choose hawthorn. This is an herbal that has a lot of helpful properties for the heart.

It works to keep heart issues at bay and is a great natural health idea to help improve the function of the heart. This herbal is known to help prevent the loss of oxygen to the heart and it eases the strain on the heart while circulating the blood through the body.

You may have noticed that many of these herbal supplements are food. You can easily add many of them to your diet in the form of spices or even tea; nevertheless, it’s always best to talk to your doctor if you’re currently taking any heart medications because some herbals can interfere with prescription drugs.


  1. AnitaB says:

    This is a timely article for me as I am undergoing tests right now to determine if I have angina. I will be adding some of these items to my diet for sure! So simple to add some Hawthorne tea, it certainly can’t hurt!
    AnitaB recently posted…Easy Cedar Plank Salmon Recipe using Famous Salmon RubMy Profile

    • Natural Health Ideas says:

      I hope everything works out for the best. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Lesley says:

    I am going to pick up some hawthorn myself because I was unaware of all the benefits before now. My family has a lot of people with heart disease and I really feel its their diet and medications they take – if only they would take healthy, natural steps like this.
    Lesley recently posted…Post 8-Week Challenge Week 1My Profile

    • Natural Health Ideas says:

      It tastes pretty good too and I use it as a water substitute in smoothies 🙂

  3. Larraine says:

    Love those Traditional Medicinal Teas!

    • Natural Health Ideas says:

      They are tasty too. Great way to quench your thirst!

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